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Size: 1278x936 | Tagged: safe, derpibooru import, gabby, lily lightly, little strongheart, toola roola, gryphon, a very pony place, come back lily lightly, over a barrel, the fault in our cutie marks, cute, erin mathews, exploitable meme, g3, g3.5, gabbybetes, lily cutely, little strawwngheart, meme, roolabetes, same voice actor
safe2051022 derpibooru import2334294 gabby3015 lily lightly83 little strongheart903 toola roola842 gryphon33895 a very pony place42 come back lily lightly86 over a barrel835 the fault in our cutie marks1136 cute228602 erin mathews7 exploitable meme40597 g37764 g3.51397 gabbybetes462 lily cutely19 little strawwngheart3 meme100493 roolabetes39 same voice actor600