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Size: 1000x1000 | Tagged: safe, artist:backlash91, derpibooru import, princess celestia, queen chrysalis, alicorn, changeling, changeling queen, pony, accessory swap, bite mark, blindfold, blushing, chryslestia, crown, cuddling, drool, female, fetish, frown, hat, hickey, horn nightcap, horn sleeve, horn warmer, jewelry, kiss mark, lesbian, lipstick, lipstick fetish, lying down, morning after, nightcap, on back, peytral, prone, regalia, shipping, sleep mask, sleeping, snuggling, sweat, wide eyes


That Moment When..

You realize that EVERYTHING you dreamed last night…..was real.

good luck getting out of this one chryssi X3

safe2071391 artist:backlash91320 derpibooru import2363685 princess celestia110734 queen chrysalis41003 alicorn277635 changeling57763 changeling queen16756 pony1235084 accessory swap1930 bite mark597 blindfold5382 blushing244930 chryslestia313 crown21937 cuddling10112 drool29592 female1272568 fetish54533 frown27987 hat109499 hickey74 horn nightcap1 horn sleeve50 horn warmer31 jewelry90716 kiss mark1459 lesbian120052 lipstick14217 lipstick fetish456 lying down29178 morning after200 nightcap556 on back29327 peytral4629 prone29747 regalia27282 shipping240686 sleep mask337 sleeping27770 snuggling7421 sweat33835 wide eyes19011