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Size: 3355x2604 | Tagged: safe, artist:blackblade360, derpibooru import, oc, oc:heartbeat, oc:stone wave, unofficial characters only, earth pony, pony, unicorn, 2024, atg 2024, bandage, biting, blue eyes, blushing, brown coat, colored pencil drawing, cyan mane, cyan tail, duo, ear bite, earth pony oc, female, gray coat, horn, image, irl, jpeg, love, male, mare, mare oc, newbie artist training grounds, nibbling, oc x oc, paper, photo, red mane, red tail, shipping, signature, stallion, stallion oc, tail, traditional art, two toned mane, unicorn oc, yellow eyes, yellow streaks


Title: 2024 ATG #22 MLP Fanart: Hopefull Love

Here's a drawing for Prompt #22, Draw a pony finding the light at the end of the tunnel / Draw a pony finding a glimmer of hope.

In this fanart, it is more of a prequel of prompt 17. In this case, this artwork shows Heartbeat having a glimmer of hope of having a good life, and also having a good relationship with somepony.

And also the fact that Stone Wave suggest that Heartbeat need some therapist to talk to as well..

Plus some oc lore moment, her mane color used to be yellow, but she dyed it cyan due to not wanting the yellow part to remind her of something. For now it seems like the yellow part is slightly showing up again.

safe2297103 artist:blackblade36086 derpibooru import2681464 oc1022427 oc:heartbeat163 oc:stone wave9 unofficial characters only632263 earth pony405312 pony1431477 unicorn501741 2024367 atg 2024806 bandage7869 biting5394 blue eyes12118 blushing281202 brown coat606 colored pencil drawing2470 cyan mane55 cyan tail17 duo117571 ear bite1935 earth pony oc22802 female1461553 gray coat1224 horn165844 image971085 irl79606 jpeg360304 love6992 male506186 mare674185 mare oc176 newbie artist training grounds9286 nibbling326 oc x oc23837 paper4720 photo96663 red mane1314 red tail433 shipping265063 signature41583 stallion168448 stallion oc515 tail90370 traditional art144764 two toned mane5109 unicorn oc27201 yellow eyes3926 yellow streaks5