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Size: 2362x3544 | Tagged: questionable, artist:xcinnamon-twistx, derpibooru import, oc, oc:drivel, apron, bdsm, blushing, body pillow, bondage, clothes, commission, gag, image, leash, lip bite, looking at you, maid, one eye closed, png, rope, socks, solo, tied up, tongue out, wink, ych result


Finished dakimakura for Drivel! Thank you for your patience :3

questionable154160 artist:xcinnamon-twistx460 derpibooru import2681483 oc1022431 oc:drivel20 apron6189 bdsm11492 blushing281205 body pillow4973 bondage47870 clothes665909 commission129503 gag21169 image971107 leash11100 lip bite15466 looking at you263756 maid8482 one eye closed45270 png571006 rope16042 socks110045 solo1438950 tied up8793 tongue out153902 wink33257 ych result37242