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Size: 3000x2443 | Tagged: suggestive, artist:supra80, derpibooru import, rarity, sunset shimmer, wallflower blush, human, equestria girls, g4, abuse, belly button, bodysuit, bondage, bondage cross, bondage furniture, bondage gear, breasts, catsuit, clothes, collar, cosplay, costume, domination, dominatrix, evil grin, eyes closed, female, grin, gritted teeth, image, leash, metroid, midriff, open mouth, paddle, panties, photoshop, png, raribuse, riding crop, samus aran, sex dungeon, shimmerbuse, skintight clothes, smiling, straitjacket, teary eyes, teeth, thong, traditional art, trio, trio female, underwear, zero suit


Request for flashnostalgia on DA

They wanted "Rarity and Sunset cosplaying zero suit Samus and captured on a straitjacket and dragged by leash on a spooky Halloween place." As previewed over here.

The one leading them to a 'spooky place,' being Wallflower Blush clad in the original Samus Zero Suit.

Fully colored version finally complete. If the background looks familiar, it was pulled from this. Seemed to be pretty good material for a 'spooky place,' you don't want to be. Even developed a better coloring process for in the process. Usually I go in with the paintbrush tool and color in lineart by hand. That's what I did for the characters in the foreground. For the background though, I experimented with the magic wand select and the paint bucket. Not just select an area and immediately dump paint into it of course. We've all seen that and it looks terrible. Experimenting with the grow and feather tools, I was able to get the paint dumped into the selection well with in the confines of the lineart. Go in with paintbrush and eraser tools for the more problematic areas, and it turns out pretty well. It also goes far quicker than just doing it by hand too, which will make for a much better turnaround in coloring art. You'll be see the results of this new process sooner than later.

suggestive199420 artist:supra80559 derpibooru import2681516 rarity231121 sunset shimmer86306 wallflower blush3360 human229017 equestria girls277115 g456596 abuse9576 belly button108453 bodysuit3667 bondage47870 bondage cross171 bondage furniture1945 bondage gear1271 breasts391787 catsuit2109 clothes665923 collar48415 cosplay33145 costume41144 domination3041 dominatrix2600 evil grin6299 eyes closed134373 female1461591 grin60059 gritted teeth17292 image971141 leash11100 metroid562 midriff24365 open mouth229346 paddle1001 panties67716 photoshop4468 png571025 raribuse344 riding crop2263 samus aran272 sex dungeon150 shimmerbuse339 skintight clothes1208 smiling392265 straitjacket1218 teary eyes6380 teeth19957 thong8028 traditional art144766 trio18009 trio female3869 underwear84880 zero suit206