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Page 1800 - Triumph Over Good
26th Jan 2023, 6:00 AM in What About Discord?

Really, every page after a thousand has been an astounding length to go for this webcomic, but every 100 pages I'm forced to really reckon with it. Dang.

Any stories about witnessing a villain's triumphant victory - short-lived or otherwise?
Tirek: And now... it's *your* turn.
(Tirek drains Twilight of her magic)
Twilight Sparkle: Not my most dignified moment, I'll admit.
(Tirek absorbs the stolen magic and grows to a towering height)
Applejack: You alright, Twi?
Rarity: That description sounded particularly excruciating...
Twilight Sparkle: You know, I'm starting to see why direct power-sharing never took off. Hurts going in, hurts coming out.
Rainbow Dash: Too bad Tirek doesn't seem to have that problem...

safe2297130 artist:newbiespud1665 derpibooru import2681499 edit177479 edited screencap85119 screencap292933 applejack213454 fluttershy274847 lord tirek7741 pinkie pie272381 rainbow dash297796 rarity231120 spike98602 twilight sparkle383652 twilight sparkle (alicorn)152526 alicorn316403 centaur4464 dragon81833 pony1431500 taur1706 comic:friendship is dragons1856 twilight's kingdom3630 comic133761 dialogue95892 eyelashes24000 female1461578 glow15878 glowing horn26803 horn165852 image971123 jpeg360317 magic97416 male506191 mane seven7661 mane six39494 mare674198 screencap comic5583 telekinesis37335