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Size: 2500x3500 | Tagged: safe, artist:medkit, derpibooru import, oc, pony, any gender, any race, any species, auction, auction open, commission, complex background, crepuscular rays, ears up, folded wings, forest, forest background, full body, grass, high res, horn, image, no mane, no tail, png, raised hoof, raised hooves, raised leg, rear view, rough sketch, running, sketch, solo, tree, vertical, wings, ych sketch, your character here


[YCH OPEN] Light way

Finally, destiny smiled on you and gave you the opportunity to get on the right way

Auction here: https://ych.commishes.com/auction/show/2BDBR/ych-light-way/
SB: $50
MI: $5
AB: $250

50-65$ - sketch art without shaded and with some light
66-100$ - sketch art with shaded
101-200$ - full art with shaded

Any gender, any race (mlp, i.e. changelings, hippogriffs, kirins, etc.)

♡Payment on Boosty via Paypal: https://boosty.to/medkit
!I do not make refunds!

Payment must be made in 48 hours after the auction ending (with a rate of $100 or more, payment in parts is possible)
I start working only after payment
Deadline within three months (sorry, there's a queue :"))

  • With a bid of 100$ I can change the position of the hooves and wings within the pose

  • With a bid of 150$ you will get chibi styled art

  • With a bid of 200$ I can change the time of day, the season of the year, the color of the light and other things related with background

  • With a bid of 250$ I can add a second character to the art

Bonuses add up! For example, by placing a bet of 150$ , you will get the opportunity to change the pose and get chibi styled art :з

safe2165744 artist:medkit146 derpibooru import2493650 oc943394 pony1314814 any gender741 any race707 any species540 auction4446 auction open1042 commission115529 complex background895 crepuscular rays3805 ears up773 folded wings11787 forest13948 forest background819 full body5059 grass13617 high res52500 horn131835 image750579 no mane121 no tail1776 png443114 raised hoof61651 raised hooves401 raised leg10796 rear view18050 rough sketch445 running7546 sketch81094 solo1349970 tree45818 vertical199 wings212922 ych sketch2759 your character here20784