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Size: 2500x3500 | Tagged: safe, artist:medkit, derpibooru import, princess celestia, oc, oc:melon heart, alicorn, fluffy pony, pegasus, pony, fallout equestria, game: fallout equestria: remains, bag, bandage, bandaged neck, bandaged wing, bandaid, bandaid on cheek, bandaid on ear, bare tree, blood, book, book of harmony, breach, broken, bruised, butt fluff, cerberus (weapon), cloud, cloudy, complex background, cracks, crepuscular rays, crown, crying, ear fluff, ears up, energy weapon, eyebrows, eyelashes, eyes open, feather, feathered wings, female, floppy ears, flowing mane, flowing tail, full body, gem, gemstones, glow, gold, golden, green mane, hair over one eye, hairstyle, half body, high res, holes, horn, image, injured, jewelry, long horn, long mane, long tail, looking at something, looking back, mare, medium tail, metal, metal frame, open book, pedestal, pegasus oc, pink cloud (fo:e), pink light, png, ponytail, raised hoof, raised hooves, raised leg, rear view, regalia, ruins, ruins of canterlot, rusty, scratched, shining, shoulder fluff, sketch, smiling, solo, spark-battery, speedpaint, spread wings, standing, standing on one leg, statue, striped mane, striped tail, sun, sunlight, tail, three quarter view, tower, tree, two toned mane, two toned tail, wall of tags, weapon, wing fluff, wing hands, wing hold, wings, wreckage


[Contest entry] Turns out... it wasn't a lie

Speedpaint: |saving in Wondershare Filmora|

  • I am not an expert on the original plot of the Fallout Equestria, but I am familiar with the universe indirectly through the game Fallout Equestria: Remains

A small au-story to art:

It depicts the theme that the war is not over yet, the megaspell has not been removed from the ruins of Canterlot. A lot of time has passed - generations have changed and everyone began to forget about the past life, and princesses and a better life have become a kind of "legends" that the ancestors passed from mouth to mouth to their children, and those in turn to their own. But the story was distorted and everyone embellished in their own way - so the options began to diverge and distrust of authenticity began to appear. Melon also heard these stories from her ancestors, but did not believe in them, like the vast majority, but on one of her travels she met a good and pleasant pony. He was quite older than he looked. And somehow they started talking about these "legends", then pony handed Melon a book with the name "Book of Harmony" was emblazoned. Book was already faded, but still readable. The newfound acquaintance opened the book in the middle and pointed to the statue of one of the princesses, saying that there was proof of the existence of the rulers and it was in the ruins of Canterlot, which is still shrouded in a pink cloud. The stallion said that the girl never won't miss it because of the size, the only thing was that the statue could no longer have its original appearance, the same amount of time had passed. And our lover of adventures and stories was going on the road with this book, doubts crept into her heart, and suddenly all this is true?. That pony easily gave the book away, as if he knew that the filly could be trusted, she was the only one who agreed to check. The path is not easy after all, and even he waved off that he knew everything by heart, because he had read it so many times

And in total, the picture shows the moment when the statue was found and the filly realized that everything told in the book is not fiction. At the moment of realization, sunlight broke through the clouds on Melon - illuminating both her and the statue itself with light, as if giving a sign that the soul of Celestia herself is near

Well, I think that now the mare has caught fire with the idea of not only telling funny situations, but also seriously restoring the pristine history and the past of the pony before the war

safe2165737 artist:medkit146 derpibooru import2493640 princess celestia114477 oc943391 oc:melon heart16 alicorn292495 fluffy pony8149 pegasus419045 pony1314809 fallout equestria22259 game: fallout equestria: remains185 bag9870 bandage7213 bandaged neck4 bandaged wing162 bandaid2652 bandaid on cheek1 bandaid on ear1 bare tree88 blood30565 book41200 book of harmony131 breach15 broken932 bruised2003 butt fluff530 cerberus (weapon)1 cloud39642 cloudy6695 complex background895 cracks248 crepuscular rays3805 crown23580 crying53410 ear fluff42462 ears up773 energy weapon317 eyebrows11849 eyelashes20994 eyes open835 feather7848 feathered wings694 female1342549 floppy ears65110 flowing mane3182 flowing tail2046 full body5059 gem8254 gemstones325 glow12642 gold1716 golden58 green mane729 hair over one eye11628 hairstyle258 half body255 high res52500 holes371 horn131835 image750569 injured4070 jewelry98264 long horn801 long mane5318 long tail3706 looking at something4025 looking back77798 mare616674 medium tail1 metal1052 metal frame1 open book133 pedestal196 pegasus oc26962 pink cloud (fo:e)140 pink light7 png443108 ponytail23918 raised hoof61651 raised hooves401 raised leg10796 rear view18050 regalia29467 ruins1532 ruins of canterlot10 rusty12 scratched2 shining49 shoulder fluff2305 sketch81094 smiling352062 solo1349968 spark-battery1 speedpaint721 spread wings80008 standing19381 standing on one leg945 statue3024 striped mane565 striped tail247 sun8515 sunlight1974 tail69389 three quarter view1932 tower517 tree45818 two toned mane3651 two toned tail1711 wall of tags4386 weapon40920 wing fluff1995 wing hands2578 wing hold526 wings212918 wreckage70