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Size: 1920x6213 | Tagged: safe, artist:edy_january, derpibooru import, edit, vector edit, oc, oc:ashley, oc:leyley, unofficial characters only, human, equestria girls, bad girl, base, base used, clothes, criminal, crossover, equestria girls-ified, female, free to use, goth, gothic, image, link in description, long skirt, parody, png, shoes, simple background, skirt, solo, the coffin of andy and leyley, transparent background, vector, vector used


My Two OCs Project been Released To day his Ashley and Andy the Brother sister from game The Coffin of Andy and Leyley check out in Steam :

Link art :

Free for Used

Soon i made another one his andy his Big Brother from leyley

safe2297109 artist:edy_january674 derpibooru import2681472 edit177475 vector edit4757 oc1022429 oc:ashley169 oc:leyley6 unofficial characters only632265 human229008 equestria girls277113 bad girl69 base3623 base used32311 clothes665902 criminal121 crossover73666 equestria girls-ified12946 female1461562 free to use169 goth3953 gothic757 image971094 link in description1221 long skirt1030 parody18118 png570995 shoes58454 simple background582274 skirt54212 solo1438946 the coffin of andy and leyley16 transparent background272880 vector93839 vector used199