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Size: 1380x716 | Tagged: safe, artist:igorbanette, derpibooru import, edit, edited screencap, screencap, vector edit, garble, princess ember, dragon, sweet and smoky, beret, clothes, cropped, dragoness, emble, eyes closed, female, hat, image, kiss edit, kissing, male, png, scarf, shipping, shirt, simple background, straight, striped shirt, transparent background, vector
safe2165742 artist:igorbanette44 derpibooru import2493646 edit167420 edited screencap79766 screencap275760 vector edit4253 garble2160 princess ember8738 dragon75435 sweet and smoky1086 beret2572 clothes611975 cropped58009 dragoness11634 emble89 eyes closed124119 female1342554 hat114921 image750575 kiss edit64 kissing31836 male464857 png443110 scarf30034 shipping249382 shirt35600 simple background536113 straight169062 striped shirt186 transparent background258528 vector90195