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Size: 3840x2160 | Tagged: safe, artist:loveslove, derpibooru import, oc, oc:aurora starling, oc:donut daydream, oc:fiona mahri, oc:hazel radiate, oc:lovers, oc:noctilucent, oc:paintheart, oc:pastel dice, oc:raven storm, oc:skye light, oc:solar gizmo, unofficial characters only, alicorn, anthro, bat pony, bat pony unicorn, earth pony, hybrid, pegasus, pony, unicorn, 3d, absurd file size, absurd resolution, alicorn oc, anthro with ponies, bat ears, bat eyes, bat pony oc, bat wings, between breasts, breast pillow, breasts, brick wall, busty oc, candle, christmas, christmas presents, christmas tree, clothes, crying, dress, earth pony oc, fireplace, food, gradient mane, gradient tail, holding a pony, holiday, horn, image, keyboard, licking, looking at someone, looking at something, medicine, microphone, mobile phone, monitor, nail polish, ocs everywhere, pegasus oc, phone, pills, png, size difference, smartphone, smiling, spread wings, tail, tattoo, tea, tears of joy, tiny, tiny ponies, tongue out, tree, unicorn oc, warcraft, wings, world of warcraft


I am grateful to you...my darlings...

It's my state when I see all my friends who help me...yesterday I cried because you are amazing people, thank you for helping me with my medication...

Life sucks, but you are my sunshine that warms me...you are the best! ❤️

See this tweet for more context: https://twitter.com/LadyLoversLove/status/1639306803589656576

Image on monitor: >>3015939

safe2118166 artist:loveslove2050 derpibooru import2425799 oc915707 oc:aurora starling502 oc:donut daydream125 oc:fiona mahri152 oc:hazel radiate358 oc:lovers451 oc:noctilucent185 oc:paintheart557 oc:pastel dice92 oc:raven storm304 oc:skye light278 oc:solar gizmo215 unofficial characters only573156 alicorn284922 anthro343651 bat pony74432 bat pony unicorn621 earth pony349200 hybrid27615 pegasus402146 pony1273624 unicorn437411 3d107377 absurd file size2196 absurd resolution73342 alicorn oc33625 anthro with ponies3067 bat ears609 bat eyes190 bat pony oc26689 bat wings28085 between breasts1069 breast pillow126 breasts343953 brick wall836 busty oc1686 candle6123 christmas19183 christmas presents282 christmas tree5520 clothes595250 crying52377 dress55582 earth pony oc18748 fireplace3472 food98266 gradient mane1685 gradient tail518 holding a pony3836 holiday32877 horn126482 image673376 keyboard1371 licking25327 looking at someone7487 looking at something3819 medicine231 microphone6592 mobile phone6161 monitor841 nail polish10117 ocs everywhere100 pegasus oc25236 phone10348 pills425 png398538 size difference19484 smartphone3689 smiling338715 spread wings76690 tail63839 tattoo7487 tea3565 tears of joy2966 tiny1842 tiny ponies1742 tongue out138046 tree44422 unicorn oc21465 warcraft845 wings203187 world of warcraft523