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Size: 2903x2651 | Tagged: safe, artist:edy_january, derpibooru import, edit, vector edit, applejack, fluttershy, rarity, sci-twi, twilight sparkle, human, equestria girls, equestria girls series, allies, applejack's hat, axis, base used, battle rifle, belt, call of duty, call of duty zombies, clothes, cowboy hat, cowgirl, doctor, edward richtofen, equipment, fg 42, free to use, german, german imperor, glasses, gun, hat, helmet, image, japan, japanese imperor, long pants, machine gun, marine, marines, mg 42, military, military uniform, nambu type14, nikolai belinski, png, ppsh-41, primis, rifle, russia, russian imperor, samurai, scientist, simple background, sks, soldier, soviet union, submachinegun, survivors, sword, takeo masaki, tank dempsey, transparent background, uniform, united states, vector, weapon, wehrmacht


The Fours Soldiers Of Heros Saving Univers from the Dark.Aether and Evil by Dr.Monty and The Shadow.Man

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safe2118170 artist:edy_january338 derpibooru import2425808 edit163934 vector edit4085 applejack199935 fluttershy254807 rarity216027 sci-twi32156 twilight sparkle358202 human201117 equestria girls253084 equestria girls series40903 allies14 applejack's hat11277 axis12 base used30002 battle rifle24 belt7928 call of duty509 call of duty zombies102 clothes595253 cowboy hat21870 cowgirl688 doctor855 edward richtofen26 equipment65 fg 421 free to use148 german1216 german imperor1 glasses80929 gun19635 hat112079 helmet13991 image673387 japan1782 japanese imperor1 long pants41 machine gun641 marine175 marines172 mg 423 military2181 military uniform1763 nambu type141 nikolai belinski15 png398543 ppsh-4158 primis3 rifle4510 russia1247 russian imperor1 samurai407 scientist467 simple background519883 sks22 soldier2246 soviet union435 submachinegun415 survivors2 sword13969 takeo masaki13 tank dempsey23 transparent background252737 uniform15381 united states1074 vector88443 weapon39778 wehrmacht144