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Size: 700x998 | Tagged: safe, artist:woah_pinkhorse, artist:woahpinkhorsegirl, derpibooru import, oc, oc:hollow tears, oc:princess praeludere, unofficial characters only, alicorn, bat pony, bat pony alicorn, pony, :p, bat wings, bust, colored, colored sketch, curved horn, cute, duo, ear fluff, eyes closed, flat colors, floating heart, floppy ears, freckles, gradient hooves, gradient legs, heart, horn, hug, image, jpeg, looking at someone, ocbetes, one eye closed, one eye open, partially open wings, pink coat, simple background, sketch, striped mane, tongue out, white background, winghug, wings


Artist's description:

@MLPMemeArchive Princess Praeludere and Hollow Tears kiss

Created in response to a meme about bad OC designs, putting two of the "bad designs" in a cute picture together where the "Mary Sue" comforts the one with the tragic backstory.

safe2072040 artist:woah_pinkhorse1 artist:woahpinkhorsegirl1 derpibooru import2364690 oc889378 oc:hollow tears1 oc:princess praeludere1 unofficial characters only557914 alicorn277758 bat pony72009 bat pony alicorn2759 pony1235711 :p11879 bat wings26964 bust66660 colored23808 colored sketch3811 curved horn8744 cute230524 duo88588 ear fluff39710 eyes closed117798 flat colors2668 floating heart3718 floppy ears61983 freckles37320 gradient hooves944 gradient legs80 heart61536 horn120801 hug34445 image608270 jpeg220075 looking at someone6240 ocbetes6195 one eye closed39689 one eye open255 partially open wings273 pink coat310 simple background504652 sketch76810 striped mane403 tongue out134782 white background127541 winghug3464 wings194101