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Size: 1280x1042 | Tagged: questionable, semi-grimdark, artist:scittykitty, derpibooru import, applejack, fluttershy, anthro, alternate universe, bodysuit, boots, brainwashing, breasts, busty fluttershy, clothes, commission, crossover, drone, duo, duo female, eggman empire of equestria, feet, female, females only, fetish, foot fetish, gloves, gradient background, hand on hip, high heel boots, hood, hypnosis, image, jpeg, kneeling, latex, latex fetish, latex gloves, latex suit, licking, long mane, long tail, looking down, mind control, rubber, rubber gloves, rubber suit, shiny, shoes, simple background, slave, spread wings, standing, story included, tail, tight clothing, tongue out, visor, white background, wingboner, wings


Fluttershy stood in her tight red and black latex bodysuit, her red latex high heeled boots gleaming in the dim light of the Eggman Empire's headquarters. The Empire's logo was emblazoned on her chest, a symbol of her complete and utter obedience to her master. On her face was a latex hood and visor, covering everything except for her mouth, which was set in a permanently emotionless expression.

Next to her stood Applejack, also dressed in the same outfit and wearing the same hood and visor. The two drones stood perfectly still, their minds completely under the control of the Eggman Empire.

Suddenly, a command was issued through their brainwashed minds. Fluttershy felt herself moved to stand still and let Applejack lick her boots mindlessly. Without hesitation, she complied, standing perfectly still as Applejack leaned down and began to lick the shiny red boots.

The two drones stood there for what seemed like an eternity, their minds completely empty and their bodies controlled by the Eggman Empire. They were nothing more than obedient instruments, carrying out the orders of their master without question.

As the hours passed, Fluttershy and Applejack remained in their positions, their minds and bodies completely devoted to the Eggman Empire. They were nothing more than mindless drones, forever trapped in their red and black latex outfits, serving the will of their master.

questionable138604 semi-grimdark35131 artist:scittykitty35 derpibooru import2363652 applejack197546 fluttershy250397 anthro335711 alternate universe12062 bodysuit2852 boots27584 brainwashing678 breasts337338 busty fluttershy20953 clothes582191 commission107328 crossover70181 drone611 duo88515 duo female16466 eggman empire of equestria40 feet49189 female1272553 females only16628 fetish54532 foot fetish10571 gloves25946 gradient background17011 hand on hip9537 high heel boots7104 hood1732 hypnosis4973 image607162 jpeg219679 kneeling11158 latex16755 latex fetish93 latex gloves2291 latex suit5543 licking24777 long mane4599 long tail3171 looking down11511 mind control4230 rubber2577 rubber gloves226 rubber suit817 shiny3455 shoes49574 simple background504417 slave3262 spread wings73522 standing17243 story included11056 tail58934 tight clothing3223 tongue out134715 visor949 white background127453 wingboner9424 wings193920