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Size: 785x865 | Tagged: suggestive, artist:anibaruthecat, banned from derpibooru, pinkie pie, pound cake, pumpkin cake, human, blushing, cake twins, clothes, comic cover, cropcon, cropped, dark skin, explicit source, female, humanized, image, leash, lolicon, male, png, shotacon, siblings, twins, underage


The 'whys' and 'hows' of this pic are open to interpretation ^

Full 4 panel comic here

suggestive174532 artist:anibaruthecat1456 banned from derpibooru86627 pinkie pie250801 pound cake3012 pumpkin cake2768 human196773 blushing244929 cake twins542 clothes582192 comic cover849 cropcon153 cropped55915 dark skin6098 explicit source5627 female1272555 humanized118602 image607167 leash9914 lolicon5612 male441094 png363788 shotacon1063 siblings15386 twins2924 underage12538