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 2000x2050 PNG 326 kB
Size: 2000x2050 | Tagged: safe, artist:ponygamer2020, derpibooru import, gallus, bird, chicken, gryphon, robot, animatronic, base used, bigender, bigender pride flag, bisexual pride flag, bow, bracelet, chica, crossover, cute, duo, ear piercing, earring, eating, face paint, female, five nights at freddy's, five nights at freddy's: security breach, food, gallabetes, gallus the rooster, glamrock chica, hair bow, image, jewelry, male, nom, open mouth, piercing, pizza, pizza box, png, pride, pride flag, rooster, simple background, spiked wristband, transparent background, vector, vector used, wings, wristband
safe2026201 artist:ponygamer2020403 derpibooru import2299137 gallus8585 bird11613 chicken1695 gryphon33471 robot9308 animatronic878 base used27860 bigender25 bigender pride flag17 bisexual pride flag685 bow36125 bracelet12771 chica207 crossover69410 cute226338 duo83071 ear piercing34286 earring26310 eating11666 face paint1132 female1237833 five nights at freddy's2026 five nights at freddy's: security breach28 food92990 gallabetes748 gallus the rooster326 glamrock chica9 hair bow19915 image536607 jewelry87218 male427774 nom3302 open mouth186883 piercing52085 pizza2423 pizza box406 png320571 pride2885 pride flag2797 rooster168 simple background489851 spiked wristband1575 transparent background242922 vector86343 vector used80 wings184185 wristband4318