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Uploaded by Anonymous #EA4D
 474x457 PNG 236 kB
Size: 474x457 | Tagged: safe, derpibooru import, idw, gallus, gryphon, pony, reflections, spoiler:comic, adorable face, biting, bloom, blue eyes, cloud, colorful, cute, dawn, dawn light, dawn meteor, ear fluff, female, filly, foal, gallabetes, gallus: younger, glow, grass, image, lawn, looking at you, luster, male, png, purple eyes, sapphire, shadow, sky, star trail, windy, wings, younger


I got the artist’s permission, it’s not my art.
He or she has more pictures of the young 6.
And he supports gallus to be the leader of the young 6.

safe2051025 derpibooru import2334297 idw17848 gallus8705 gryphon33895 pony1217828 reflections253 spoiler:comic12186 adorable face1709 biting4720 bloom100 blue eyes8096 cloud37077 colorful430 cute228602 dawn406 dawn light2 dawn meteor1 ear fluff39017 female1256918 filly80331 foal25656 gallabetes750 gallus: younger1 glow10032 grass12364 image575957 lawn30 looking at you214731 luster2 male435180 png345112 purple eyes3689 sapphire146 shadow5502 sky18183 star trail3 windy120 wings189852 younger20816