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Size: 9600x5400 | Tagged: suggestive, artist:imafutureguitarhero, derpibooru import, fluttershy, rainbow dash, anthro, bat pony, pegasus, pony, unguligrade anthro, 3d, :i, absurd file size, absurd resolution, adorasexy, arrow, bat ponified, black bars, blushing, bow (weapon), breasts, castle, cheek fluff, chromatic aberration, cleavage, clothes, colored eyebrows, colored eyelashes, crossed arms, cute, cute little fangs, delicious flat chest, detached sleeves, duo, ear fluff, fangs, female, film grain, floppy ears, fluffy, fluffy hair, fluffy mane, fluffy tail, flutterbat, flutterdash, foliage, fur, gate, gauntlet, guard, half bat pony, hands behind back, height difference, image, jpeg, leggings, legs together, lesbian, long tail, looking at each other, looking at someone, mare, midriff, moonlight, multicolored hair, multicolored mane, multicolored tail, night, nightmare moon armor, nose wrinkle, outdoors, paintover, panties, particles, quiver, race swap, rainbow flat, rainbowbat, reasonably sized breasts, red eyes, revamped anthros, revamped ponies, revealing clothing, rock, see-through, sexy, shipping, shyabetes, signature, smiling, smirk, smug, source filmmaker, spear, tail, torch, underwear, unshorn fetlocks, wagon, weapon, wings, wings down, worried


Originally made this as part of the previews for my port of AeridicCore's NMM outfit, and ended up turning it into a proper artwork lmao
Expect a few more with this outfit eventually

Rendered with 5 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples
69 %(nice)% lights used in this scene (1 volumetric)

Models used
- Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy
- Nightmare Moon Outfit
- Ground
- Castle walls
- Wall ivy
- Houses and spear
- Bow
- Skydome
- Rocks and vegetation
- Wagon from CS:S
- Quiver from DOTA2
- Wall torches, portcullis and shield from TF2

Particles used
- Torches
- Embers

suggestive184117 artist:imafutureguitarhero471 derpibooru import2497036 fluttershy259851 rainbow dash281851 anthro357692 bat pony76769 pegasus419934 pony1316952 unguligrade anthro61601 3d114848 :i1972 absurd file size2325 absurd resolution74036 adorasexy11211 arrow2708 bat ponified5641 black bars333 blushing257263 bow (weapon)1679 breasts355951 castle2708 cheek fluff7324 chromatic aberration1850 cleavage41864 clothes612734 colored eyebrows668 colored eyelashes805 crossed arms6650 cute239926 cute little fangs2661 delicious flat chest7407 detached sleeves324 duo99436 ear fluff42550 fangs35840 female1344436 film grain417 floppy ears65222 fluffy18014 fluffy hair195 fluffy mane444 fluffy tail374 flutterbat12796 flutterdash5663 foliage86 fur917 gate193 gauntlet414 guard1657 half bat pony96 hands behind back1932 height difference1400 image754294 jpeg278942 leggings2907 legs together457 lesbian124138 long tail3719 looking at each other29615 looking at someone9215 mare617740 midriff22772 moonlight1168 multicolored hair10171 multicolored mane3118 multicolored tail2256 night35148 nightmare moon armor126 nose wrinkle3516 outdoors16938 paintover125 panties62804 particles103 quiver216 race swap24173 rainbow flat1198 rainbowbat204 reasonably sized breasts1421 red eyes9187 revamped anthros1099 revamped ponies565 revealing clothing288 rock5938 see-through6852 sexy37843 shipping249630 shyabetes15850 signature36636 smiling352791 smirk16654 smug8457 source filmmaker67463 spear3063 tail69656 torch830 underwear78403 unshorn fetlocks39347 wagon1186 weapon40985 wings213430 wings down480 worried5222