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Size: 1600x1452 | Tagged: safe, artist:sidruni, derpibooru import, trixie, adoracreepy, beady eyes, creepy, cute, dialogue, diatrixes, februpony, funko, funko pop!, image, jpeg, looking at you, simple background, solo, speech bubble, toy, toy interpretation, wat, white background


#februpony day 16: draw trixie

safe2021450 artist:sidruni101 derpibooru import2292217 trixie77145 adoracreepy669 beady eyes319 creepy4755 cute225852 dialogue80095 diatrixes3322 februpony284 funko681 funko pop!110 image529200 jpeg192544 looking at you209530 simple background488255 solo1255594 speech bubble29854 toy24972 toy interpretation293 wat21157 white background122794