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Size: 503x671 | Tagged: safe, artist:chamommile, derpibooru import, oc, oc:mazz, pegasus, pony, armor, badass, badass adorable, battlefield, clothes, cute, ear fluff, ears up, fight, fire, flag, flying, folded wings, glow, guard, helmet, image, jumping, lighting, mouth hold, png, raised hoof, ready to fight, rearing, shoes, solo, sword, weapon, wings
safe2196626 artist:chamommile80 derpibooru import2536400 oc960409 oc:mazz40 pegasus429855 pony1341329 armor30304 badass3468 badass adorable123 battlefield325 clothes624206 cute242961 ear fluff43590 ears up860 fight7334 fire14866 flag5645 flying50889 folded wings12337 glow13423 guard1672 helmet14844 image800690 jumping4318 lighting626 mouth hold21744 png471132 raised hoof62644 ready to fight106 rearing7110 shoes53986 solo1369149 sword14471 weapon41710 wings219431