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Uploaded by Anonymous #EAF2
 3317x2657 PNG 2.89 MB
Size: 3317x2657 | Tagged: safe, artist:pridark, derpibooru import, oc, oc:rinne (linuxpony), oc:swift dawn, unofficial characters only, avali, changeling, original species, blue changeling, blue eyes, changeling oc, claws, commission, cute, duo, ear fluff, fangs, galloping, gradient background, high res, horn, image, male, open mouth, png, pointing, riding a pony, simple background, smiling, wings


Love this piece Pridark made for me <3

safe1935409 artist:pridark2086 derpibooru import2171225 oc814863 oc:rinne (linuxpony)2 oc:swift dawn217 unofficial characters only518660 avali61 changeling53010 original species30773 blue changeling2103 blue eyes6733 changeling oc9039 claws5619 commission93800 cute217285 duo73666 ear fluff35329 fangs29984 galloping408 gradient background15169 high res37175 horn103437 image398691 male403562 open mouth172288 png240269 pointing4580 riding a pony145 simple background460412 smiling293047 wings164346