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Size: 7426x8274 | Tagged: safe, artist:lincolnbrewsterfan, derpibooru import, oc, oc:killer epic, ponified, alicorn, pony, fallout equestria, my little pony: the movie, .svg available, alicorn oc, alternate universe, bedroom eyes, belt, butt, clothes, colored wings, cross, cross necklace, derpibooru exclusive, envelope, fire, folded wings, glow, gold pipbuck 3000, gradient ears, gradient eyes, gradient wings, gun, handgun, highlights, holster, horn, image, jacket, jewelry, killer eplot, leather jacket, lidded eyes, lincoln brewster, looking at you, male, mane, movie accurate, necklace, pipbuck, pipbuck 3000, pistol, plot, png, ponified music artist, raised hoof, revolver, shading, simple background, smiling, smiling at you, stallion, stallion oc, tail, transparent background, two toned mane, two toned tail, utility belt, vector, vigilance (gun), weapon, wings, zipper


Uploaded to DeviantArt on Wednesday, January 26, 2022

This guy is still my waifu <3

It's been a while since I posted his intro picture, but Killer Epic is my favorite ponified FO:E OC of all - for he is the ponification of my all-time favorite artist, Lincoln Brewster. Kinda special posting his new profile on here after so long. Posted image

How bout that plot shot tho... Posted image

He's also Nocturnal Vision's guardian in my Fallout Equestria universe, which I'll expand on in more detail later this year. Beginning a big storyboard plan for you guys 🙂Posted image

Artist palindrome special (373rd upload). 😇

safe1935586 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan447 derpibooru import2171468 oc814974 oc:killer epic27 ponified45848 alicorn256247 pony1119899 fallout equestria19536 my little pony: the movie21608 .svg available9156 alicorn oc30736 alternate universe11463 bedroom eyes66886 belt6835 butt85811 clothes536404 colored wings7893 cross859 cross necklace51 derpibooru exclusive5915 envelope368 fire12679 folded wings7536 glow7195 gold pipbuck 30009 gradient ears20 gradient eyes76 gradient wings804 gun18023 handgun3245 highlights576 holster458 horn103455 image398942 jacket14802 jewelry80257 killer eplot4 leather jacket4012 lidded eyes33934 lincoln brewster27 looking at you195260 male403593 mane2341 movie accurate1409 necklace23261 pipbuck3810 pipbuck 300031 pistol2323 plot84931 png240429 ponified music artist22 raised hoof53178 revolver1758 shading2483 simple background460489 smiling293094 smiling at you7040 stallion125231 stallion oc91 tail43660 transparent background231578 two toned mane2274 two toned tail991 utility belt56 vector83806 vigilance (gun)12 weapon36083 wings164383 zipper876