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Yet another amazing commission that I have gotten from mlpconjoinment, this time showing the duo of Rainbow Dash and Applejack appear to become the victims in a sneak magic attack. Though at first the assailant is unknown at first, we will watch what both happens to these two mares and subsequently afterwards after such a dilemma.

Once more done by the awesome mlpconjoinment

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suggestive156910 artist:mlpconjoinment44 author:bigonionbean1890 derpibooru import2098091 applejack184679 pinkie pie234326 rainbow dash254190 twilight sparkle329221 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133045 oc784330 oc:zap-apple jam28 alicorn247933 earth pony277047 pegasus324723 pony1078560 :o4056 alicorn oc29727 alicorn princess435 animated107999 barn3564 blast841 blushing219391 boop8088 bouncing5420 butt79926 butt expansion1265 butt jiggle208 commissioner:bigonionbean2173 confused5102 conjoined895 cowboy hat18292 cutie mark fusion33 dialogue73564 dizzy835 door4303 embarrassed12489 exclamation point4119 extra thicc1028 eyes closed102867 female1128790 flank1759 freckles32609 fuse105 fused74 fusion5758 fusion:zap-apple jam28 giggling897 glow6034 glowing horn21232 grin43292 gritted teeth13181 growth6456 happy34032 hat96974 horn96314 image320591 interrobang1036 jiggling145 large butt19753 lidded eyes32653 looking at you186966 looking away4050 looking back63406 looking back at you16426 magic79678 magic blast1055 mare509761 merge269 merging296 no sound4530 open mouth164356 plot82883 ponyville6420 question mark4921 shocked7557 shocked expression1087 smiling279728 spread wings60780 stetson5285 swelling362 table10084 teleportation650 the ass was fat14963 thicc ass1438 thought bubble3804 thoughts62 transformation12945 video1030 webm16704 wingboner8870 wings153052 worried4215