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Uploaded by Anonymous #9818
 3327x2895 PNG 1.2 MB
Size: 3327x2895 | Tagged: safe, artist:saby, derpibooru import, oc, oc:dinky twink, pegasus, pony, ahoge, angry, curly mane, cute, derpibooru exclusive, femboy, folded wings, green coat, green eyes, grin, image, looking at you, madorable, male, pink mane, png, reference sheet, smiling, smol, smug, solo, stallion, standing, text, wings
safe1883839 artist:saby72 derpibooru import2098091 oc784330 oc:dinky twink13 pegasus324723 pony1078560 ahoge174 angry29759 curly mane471 cute211714 derpibooru exclusive4963 femboy10282 folded wings6737 green coat161 green eyes5043 grin43292 image320591 looking at you186966 madorable685 male390279 pink mane1046 png194602 reference sheet14561 smiling279728 smol726 smug6840 solo1165901 stallion120171 standing14097 text74095 wings153052