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Size: 7747x4977 | Tagged: safe, artist:sourcherry, derpibooru import, oc, zebra, fallout equestria, bald, candle, candlelight, female, females only, floor, image, light, magic, mare, mares only, png, solo, tattoo, zebra oc


An image for Wasteland Ventures, zebra rewrite on the go! This one focusing on enchantments under Alchemy. Enchantments can be carved onto items or flesh and give permanent effects to user. They are the zebra equivalent to cybernetics. Hence why the two do not really mix well.

safe2297090 artist:sourcherry441 derpibooru import2681444 oc1022424 zebra25526 fallout equestria23980 bald3052 candle6874 candlelight325 female1461541 females only19016 floor563 image971065 light2342 magic97413 mare674179 mares only21 png570988 solo1438936 tattoo8512 zebra oc5669