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Uploaded by Anonymous #58E8
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Size: 5000x5100 | Tagged: safe, artist:amgiwolf, derpibooru import, carrot cake, cup cake, earth pony, pony, apron, base used, canon couple, clothes, female, hug, hug from behind, husband and wife, image, kitchen, male, married couple, png, shipping


This is a cute YCH commission I won recently featuring my favorite couple from the show Mr. and Mrs. Cake! Enjoying a quiet moment together in between taking care of both the business and their two kids Pound & Pumpkin. <3

safe1883839 artist:amgiwolf994 derpibooru import2098091 carrot cake2307 cup cake4531 earth pony277047 pony1078560 apron4867 base used23571 canon couple20 clothes518777 female1128790 hug31169 hug from behind475 husband and wife1659 image320591 kitchen2028 male390279 married couple1176 png194602 shipping223163