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 727x1163 PNG 144 kB
Size: 727x1163 | Tagged: safe, artist:lightningbolt, derpibooru import, ponified, pegasus, pony, clandestine industries, clothes, derpibooru exclusive, floppy ears, folded wings, frown, glasses, hoodie, image, jewelry, male, mikey way, my chemical romance, necklace, png, sad, shirt, simple background, sitting, solo, stallion, .svg available, transparent background, t-shirt, vector, wet, wet mane, wings, wristband


I dreamed about making this, so I made it.

safe1827776 artist:lightningbolt921 derpibooru import2019413 ponified43879 pegasus307074 pony1032798 clandestine industries122 clothes498920 derpibooru exclusive3752 floppy ears54199 folded wings6069 frown23993 glasses66906 hoodie15608 image234611 jewelry71714 male375316 mikey way68 my chemical romance174 necklace20789 png142880 sad25881 shirt27095 simple background423525 sitting66880 solo1130795 stallion114175 .svg available8649 transparent background214707 t-shirt4696 vector80288 wet9356 wet mane5461 wings141089 wristband3782