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Size: 2400x3000 | Tagged: safe, artist:keytee-chan, derpibooru import, autumn blaze, lightning dust, little strongheart, maud pie, nurse redheart, princess celestia, saffron masala, trixie, zecora, oc, oc:empress solar big shine, oc:queen solar juju, oc:queen solar spectacular, alicorn, kirin, comic:the great big fusion 2 remake, comic, eyes closed, fusion, hair bun, image, lipstick, makeup, png, smiling
safe1827814 artist:keytee-chan46 derpibooru import2019454 autumn blaze4174 lightning dust4796 little strongheart860 maud pie13264 nurse redheart3819 princess celestia101187 saffron masala1723 trixie71723 zecora9995 oc750414 oc:empress solar big shine3 oc:queen solar juju4 oc:queen solar spectacular5 alicorn239552 kirin9618 comic:the great big fusion 2 remake11 comic114296 eyes closed98720 fusion5589 hair bun3564 image234655 lipstick11930 makeup23203 png142890 smiling265588