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Size: 1110x1844 | Tagged: safe, derpibooru import, screencap, ballista, princess ember, prominence, smolder, dragon, gauntlet of fire, school daze, angry, cropped, crossed arms, dragoness, ember is not amused, female, hands on hip, image, png, school of friendship, unamused


These are the only four dragonesses we know of on the show.

Not counting Crackle, and Mina’s in the comics.

safe1827779 derpibooru import2019417 screencap227443 ballista131 princess ember7113 prominence249 smolder8534 dragon60484 gauntlet of fire1533 school daze2885 angry28868 cropped50997 crossed arms5319 dragoness8760 ember is not amused26 female1087982 hands on hip670 image234616 png142881 school of friendship1342 unamused16807

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