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  1. “…and I cannot tell you…how happy I am that I was…able to welcome you into the family Sugar Belle.” The frail yellow stallion said quietly, as the unicorn placed her hoof over the one he lay upon her cheek.

“I…” Sugar Belle tried to say, her eyes welling with tears, but Grand Pear hushed her.

“Now, now, save your tears. You’ve got somepony else to be strong for now.” His hoof slid from her cheek before coming to rest gently against her rounded belly. Sugar Belle bit her lip, trying to keep herself from weeping.

“I…will admit, I would have never thought a unicorn would have joined the Apples, of all families…” Grand Pear whispered, his deep brown eyes resting on the mare’s tummy – where his first great-grandchild was currently growing. “…but you and this little one here are going to be some of the best Apples this world has ever seen. Mark my words.”

Grand Pear, despite spending a good majority of his life in anger, truly opened his heart before he passed away. He was very warm in welcoming Sugar Belle to the family when she married Big Mac. He was a tad more skeptical when Ash Bark stepped in as well, but he was eventually won over (who knew the kid was knowledgeable about pear trees?). Sadly, he did pass away when Sugar was about five months pregnant with Chrysanthemum, but she and the other adults have made sure to tell the kids all the great things about their great-grandfather.

  1. “Oooooh, ah’m so sorry Mama. Ah’m jus’ a big ole’ klutz.”

“Oh, Chryssi! As long as there’s flour in the world and a smile in our hearts, we can always bake more muffins!”

Chrysanthemum tried very hard to become proficient in the kitchen. She listened intently to her mother and aunt, watched them with deep concentration…but those big hooves of hers just got in the way, instead of helping her create. Her magic…is a different story altogether. Sugar Belle never gave up on encouraging her daughter, but was delighted when Chryssi found a passion in making teas.

3-4. The littlest Apple is a snapdragon full of spirit. Though her father, Tender Taps, is often out on tour with his Bridleway ensemble, she cherishes the time they get to spend together. Especially when he gives her some dancing lessons!

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