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Uploaded by Anonymous #D877
 1013x560 PNG 482 kB
Size: 1013x560 | Tagged: artist:edrian, banned from derpibooru, bat ponified, bat pony, comparison, deleted from derpibooru, diaper, diaper fetish, edit, fetish, flutterbat, fluttershy, irl, pegasus, photo, pony, questionable, race swap, rainbow dash, wtf


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Original upload date: 2021-01-19T17:53:48Z
Original uploader: Anonymous

questionable114209 artist:edrian136 banned from derpibooru81786 deleted from derpibooru81555 edit129763 fluttershy209624 rainbow dash232178 bat pony51568 pegasus260537 pony910267 bat ponified3647 comparison4248 diaper13557 diaper fetish9921 fetish40008 flutterbat11256 irl66058 photo75528 race swap18376 wtf2290

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