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Size: 3568x2796 | Tagged: safe, artist:accu, derpibooru import, oc, oc:aryanne, unofficial characters only, human, pony, alternate faces, aryanbetes, blonde, cute, danger zone, female, frown, hand, in goliath's palm, looking down, nazi, :o, open mouth, pet, pet play, scared, simple background, small, surprised, tiny, tiny ponies, transparent background, vector, wide eyes, worried


Now with dual wielding. Hopefully with less dramatic comments this time.

safe2021441 artist:accu185 derpibooru import2292188 oc862291 oc:aryanne3848 unofficial characters only543618 human190006 pony1192890 :o4827 alternate faces1 aryanbetes157 blonde2454 cute225852 danger zone29 female1234193 frown26704 hand10633 in goliath's palm274 looking down11061 nazi4817 open mouth186147 pet2208 pet play4465 scared12378 simple background488242 small334 surprised11020 tiny1665 tiny ponies1618 transparent background242225 vector86202 wide eyes18753 worried4749