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Size: 2863x3350 | Tagged: questionable, artist:skyspeardraw, derpibooru import, oc, oc:léa, anthro, goo, bondage, breasts, corrupted, encasement, female, human to anthro, image, latex, png, rubber, rubber drone, slime, transformation


“Mppph !!” Lea did a really bad mistake touching the stuff of Nightmare rarity. Her skin turned into goo rubber mare when she touched one of they orbs of latex. Now she’s a rubber mare and it’s too late for remove it … until that Nightmare Rarity come back in her home. ~

If she do something … xD

Thanksfully, the rubber give oxygen to Lea and she can breath. She can also see. She’s just a rubber mare drone.


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questionable131885 artist:skyspeardraw428 derpibooru import2202507 oc827298 oc:léa68 anthro309418 goo2145 bondage39320 breasts314838 corrupted2996 encasement1827 female1185532 human to anthro650 image432246 latex14876 png259185 rubber2264 rubber drone505 slime2297 transformation13470