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Size: 875x1650 | Tagged: arrowbeff, arrowhead (rule 63), artist:melisareb, baff, bafflista, ballista, beff, cute, derpibooru import, diaballista, dragon, duo, female, lidded eyes, male, rule 63, rule63betes, safe, shipping, straight, traditional art


Baff (bottom) x Ballista (top) shipping but in rule 63.

Characters © MLP/Hasbro

safe1800954 artist:melisareb386 derpibooru import1981666 baff88 ballista128 dragon59355 arrowbeff1 arrowhead (rule 63)2 bafflista5 beff4 cute204174 diaballista17 duo62966 female1067934 lidded eyes30932 male367765 rule 6328401 rule63betes654 shipping214839 straight143404 traditional art122732