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safe (1625539)artist:plushbyanto (51)derpibooru import (1733469)applejack (163705)big macintosh (27745)coloratura (2798)daring do (6281)derpy hooves (49737)flash sentry (12659)fluttershy (204072)lightning dust (4366)lyra heartstrings (28748)marble pie (6286)maud pie (12123)moondancer (4566)octavia melody (23037)pinkie pie (209830)princess cadance (31437)princess celestia (92376)princess luna (96576)rainbow dash (226950)rarity (174967)roseluck (4811)shining armor (22466)spitfire (13145)starlight glimmer (45462)sweetie belle (48665)tempest shadow (15853)trixie (64300)vinyl scratch (28797)oc (624574)oc:blackjack (2374)oc:littlepip (3878)ponified (39878)alicorn (203669)pegasus (245818)pony (869452)unicorn (273119)fallout equestria (15613)fallout equestria: project horizons (2722)alternate hairstyle (25411)beanie (plushie) (698)fanfic art (13944)female (928756)group (2975)horn (59945)irl (65086)male (317900)mare (422529)mario (1574)photo (74095)plushie (22434)punk (2096)raripunk (1118)stallion (94553)super mario bros. (3696)wings (99649)