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Size: 2500x1404 | Tagged: adorarose, behaving like a cat, bow, collar, cute, cyrillic, derpibooru import, digital art, lying, lying down, on back, one eye closed, pet tag, pony, pony pet, purring, roseluck, rosepet, russian, safe, stretching, tail bow, translated in the description



Commission for me

safe1800880 derpibooru import1981577 roseluck5330 pony1012124 adorarose14 behaving like a cat2201 bow29991 collar35185 cute204168 cyrillic2874 digital art19862 lying3820 lying down17128 on back25248 one eye closed32341 pet tag1835 pony pet807 purring195 rosepet294 russian4640 stretching2451 tail bow5637 translated in the description960