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Another day, another adorable pony family! Here are the most supportive parents I’ve ever seen, plus their daughter and honorary daughter, who obviously took the picture. When I first watched “Parental Glideance” for the first time, my first impression of Dashie’s parents was mostly that they were ridiculously over the top. In hindsight however, while they’re still over the top somewhat, they are also very likable ponies who love and deeply care for their daughter (maybe a bit too much for their own good, but that’s another page). And they immediately took to Scootaloo. If Scoots really turns out to be an orphan, they would be the perfect foster parents in my book. Would give them as much benefit as it would to Scoots.

This pic is a slight departure from the “staged family photo” look of the others before. For this family, I thought to bring them up a bit closer to the camera and closer together. Also I wanted to have Scootaloo in it. Sweetie Belle is with Rarity, Apple Bloom will be on the Apple photo of course, so I didn’t want to leave Scoots out at any rate. Well, she does have a camera, so I made her take a selfie-style shot with her (substitute?) family.