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Uploaded by Anonymous #6C82
 130x200 GIF 19 kB
Size: 130x200 | Tagged: alternate costumes, alternate hairstyle, animated, artist:wubcakeva, cute, derpibooru import, equestria girls, eyes closed, gif, long hair, midnightabetes, midnight sparkle, pixel art, safe, sci-twi, sleeping, sleepy, snoring, twiabetes, twilight sparkle, z


artist description:

First pixel animation! This was pretty fun to make!  

Took about an hour.

safe1800949 artist:wubcakeva1151 derpibooru import1981659 sci-twi26848 twilight sparkle318437 equestria girls213036 alternate costumes1605 alternate hairstyle29476 animated103661 cute204174 eyes closed96577 gif33281 long hair4273 midnightabetes38 midnight sparkle2679 pixel art11071 sleeping24593 sleepy1722 snoring663 twiabetes11814 z278