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Size: 2048x1536 | Tagged: alicorn, artist:legadema, choker, clothes, derpibooru import, ear piercing, earring, fangs, female, folded wings, goth, irl, jewelry, lidded eyes, mare, missing accessory, photo, piercing, plushie, pony, ponytail, princess luna, prone, safe, socks, solo, spiked choker, spiked wristband, striped socks, wing piercing, wristband


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Best wishes and blessings for everyone! and here is my last plushie of
2017, hope you like her! <3 <3 <3She is made of soft and cuddly
minky fabric, her mane and tail are made of fauxfur dyed stylized by me.
New laying pattern for ponies (12" x 18") and this Luna has a pair of
soft socks and includes her normal regalia as extra.

She is available and you can make your offer for her. If you offer more
than I expect, I’ll make a gamer microphone and console controller as

safe1755243 artist:legadema57 derpibooru import1917983 princess luna101951 alicorn228108 pony975602 choker11898 clothes474319 ear piercing26454 earring21231 fangs25949 female1033786 folded wings5634 goth2198 irl67564 jewelry65438 lidded eyes29984 mare466653 missing accessory8240 photo77951 piercing41537 plushie24263 ponytail17782 prone25610 socks73084 solo1085888 spiked choker1597 spiked wristband1232 striped socks21969 wing piercing263 wristband3574