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Size: 1222x888 | Tagged: safe, artist:tonyfleecs, derpibooru import, idw, rockhoof, steela oresdotter, stygian, bear, earth pony, lumber bear, pony, unicorn, legends of magic, spoiler:comic, spoiler:comiclom8, clothes, comic, female, kick, male, mare, official comic, rockhoof's shovel, speech bubble, stallion, triskelion
safe1978503 artist:tonyfleecs1532 derpibooru import2230813 idw16691 rockhoof1271 steela oresdotter36 stygian923 bear1734 earth pony307254 lumber bear6 pony1156961 unicorn389776 legends of magic442 spoiler:comic11420 spoiler:comiclom826 clothes550609 comic120429 female1201366 kick808 male414972 mare546077 official comic2505 rockhoof's shovel353 speech bubble28717 stallion130198 triskelion37