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Uploaded by Anonymous #B010
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Size: 800x800 | Tagged: artist:lucidlarceny, bipedal, derpibooru import, dialogue, female, fire, floppy ears, mare, monster, no pupils, oc, oc:squeaky clean, pegasus, pony, safe, scared, solo, spread wings, unofficial characters only, wings


Squeaky after being told she’s like Pinkamena in the sense they both have monsters inside of them _

I was testing out shading anddddd I am pleased with how this turned out!

safe1762819 artist:lucidlarceny45 derpibooru import1928313 oc710400 oc:squeaky clean21 unofficial characters only463969 pegasus287424 pony981512 bipedal34259 dialogue67743 female1039108 fire11491 floppy ears52135 mare469357 monster2308 no pupils3988 scared10555 solo1090567 spread wings55333 wings128074