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Page 572 – Chrono Chrys, Part 7

So yeah, I had a pretty great time at GameStorm!

The highlight for the weekend proper turned out to be two games of the Fallout: Equestria miniatures game that was being run there. (I wouldn’t bother hunting down the rules for it – it’s not one of the four FoE systems I could find online in three minutes of research.) Still, it was ponies enacting violence against ponies, and we got plenty of incredulous looks from passersby, which is always fun.

Adapting Fallout to tabletop is an undertaking homebrew designers seem to take with a little too much gusto, meaning they basically recreate most of the entire Fallout computer game in tabletop form, complex math and all. It’s a philosophy I fundamentally disagree with, since cRPGs and tRPGs are generally designed differently for a reason. It’s one of the reasons I stuck with Pony Tales for Fallout is Dragons.

All that said, the system I played at GameStorm was just this side of graspable for all its math-heaviness (focusing on the two key points of AP management and rolling d100s for skills), and the pregen characters provided were all mostly balanced while providing a variety of options. So yeah, I was greatly impressed. If the opportunity to play another game like that arises once in a while, I’d happily take it.


DM: The Queen’s powerful magic lashes out again!

<roll> <roll><br/>
SFX: (FWOOSH)<br/>
DM: Now AJ and Fluttershy are hit, leaving only Twilight free to move.<br/>
Queen Chrysalis: Ah. Much simpler.<br/>
Twilight Sparkle: I’m sick and tired of all your CC… Two can play at this overpowered spellcaster game! <roll><br/>
SFX: (BLAST!) (FWIP!)<br/>
DM: When you cast this spell, it’s suddenly… overcharged. Chrysalis is fine, though the last of her magical barricades has been officially vaporized. The wall BEHIND her, however…<br/>
Queen Chrysalis: What… in the world was that?<br/>
DM: Your spell tore right through the dilapidated stone wall and the temporal enchantment within it. There is now a giant hole to the outside, where you can again see the badlands and the night sky.<br/>
Applejack: What, that ain’t her normal?<br/>
Rainbow Dash: I hope not.<br/>
Fluttershy: Uh-oh…<br/>
Pinkie Pie: Plot upgrade?<br/>
Rarity: You could’ve spent the round freeing one of us, though…<br/>
Queen Chrysalis: <whistle> I suppose I should have expected the castle to have this effect on you, Twilight. You must have tapped into your future self’s magic… So this is the power that defends Equestria’s future? I had observed from afar, but to feel it in person… I’ll be doing the realms a favor by putting a stop to this before it starts.<br/>
Twilight Sparkle: Okay, first of all, how does this kind of time travel work? And two, what about my future is so bad that I need to be stopped?<br/>
Rainbow Dash: Calling it now. Mega-tyrant.<br/>
Queen Chrysalis: My banishment landed me in this castle by chance. My army and I were trapped, but we could see everything through the doors. Any moment in time we wished.<br/>
Twilight Sparkle: And you wished for… me?<br/>
Queen Chrysalis: Yes, you. Your battles, your triumphs, your blasted ascension… You destroyed my kingdom’s future, so I vowed to take away yours and Equestria’s with it!<br/>
Twilight Sparkle: Oh, good. I thought you might be justified, but it turns out you’re just petty. Works for me.


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