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Page 571 – Chrono Chrys, Part 6

Here’s hoping ComicFury isn’t down all morning…!

I’m basically having a good time at GameStorm for not knowing much about it until this month and going at the last minute. Though I have had one really positive experience. Did you know I’d had next to no exposure to D&D Organized Play?

Back in high school, I played Magic: the Gathering a lot with my friends, and that was my main reason for going to game shops. But I never had much money of my own, so I never went alone and never spent anything, and when I dropped the Magic habit, I generally stopped going to game shops in general. And when I went to college and when I got my first job, I had so little spare time that anything they had to offer me was just not something I could manage.

Over that period of time, I’ve used the comic and more recently the Skype game/podcast to fill the gap, all of which easily done from home and in less time.

So while I was vaguely aware that playing D&D in some official capacity was a thing, I only had my first taste of it (and 5e!) this Thursday. It was the highlight of my con experience so far, and the scheduling works much better in this time of my life, so I might start making it a habit at my local game shops when I can.

Oh, and Fallout is Dragons is up! That too.

Session 40 – Stable 998: Libsyn YouTube


Disembodied Voice: Found me again, little Twilight. Once more, I pose a riddle to you. Fail, and you will be searching again, wandering endlessly… I am an ingredient. Some find me sweet, but to your enemy, I am essential. What am I?

Twilight Sparkle: I see we’ve dispensed with the constant rhyming.

Rainbow Dash: To be fair, this is our third attempt at this puzzle.

Fluttershy: Aww, I liked the rhymes!

Applejack: I’m stayin’ outta this.

Pinkie Pie: Oh! Me! I got it!

Rainbow Dash: It’d be way easier if we didn’t have to find the door again each time.

Pinkie Pie: Lemme answer!

Rarity: If it wasn’t an ingredient, I’d say “coffee.”

Pinkie Pie: Hey! Listen!

Twilight Sparkle: Maybe it is!


Disembodied Voice: I am an ingredient. Sweet to some, the nectar of life to your current foe. What am I?

Pinkie Pie: It has to be… Love!

Twilight Sparkle: “The secret ingredient…”

Disembodied Voice: FINALLY! That is correct.

Pinkie Pie: Yep!

DM: Behind the door is the Queen and her elite changelings!

Queen Chrysalis: About time! Subdue the rest. Twilight Sparkle is MINE.

Fluttershy: Ack!

Rainbow Dash: Aww yeah, final boss!

Twilight Sparkle: What is your problem with me personally?!

Queen Chrysalis: You may not understand yet, but I owe all of my failures to you, Twilight. You are a pox on my life and this world!

Twilight Sparkle: But we’ve never-

Queen Chrysalis: Never met? Haven’t you figured it out? This castle, the enemies you faced on the way here, it all leads up to… Could you all quiet down for five seconds?! I’m trying to reveal a plot twist here!

Sweetie Belle: Oh. Time travel.

Apple Bloom: Gee, way to spoil it.

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